Home Décor with Modern Fireplaces

For many years, fireplaces have been part of home style and décor, not only for creating a feeling of warmth but also for comfort, and peacefulness. Nothing beats the feeling of settling by a fireplace hearth on a cold winter day. While fireplaces have been used as the center of home ambiance and warmth, traditional fireplaces do not provide the best of home safety and they are slowly being replaced with modern fireplaces. When you combine convenience, modern décor, designs, efficiency and cleanliness, old-fashioned chimneys and fireplaces score lowly as compared to modern fireplaces.

Traditional fireplaces use natural non-efficient wood-fire which is non-ecofriendly, uneconomical and require high maintenance. Most traditional setups do not meet the standards for low-emissions certification and they can produce fine-particle pollution comparable to that of a car in a year. Although many homeowners have now installed the factory built fireplaces which are more efficient than the traditional ones, these too require an insulated insert, clearances, space and glass doors for safe installation.


Modern Fireplaces

With changes in home décor come the modern fireplaces which are slowly replacing their traditional counterparts. Technology has greatly changed how we view fireplaces at homes and traditional designs are quickly giving way to modern ones. The contemporary fireplaces are vent-free, economical, eco-friendly and are safe for any interior home décor, lavish office or even luxury hotel. One huge advantage that comes with contemporary models, such as remote controlled vent less bio ethanol fireplace, is the ability to install the fireplace on a wall. Wall mounted fireplaces conveniently don’t occupy any floor space and come with a variety of luxurious shapes, styles and trendy colors. Of course, this sure beats the old-school version of poking at chimney wooden logs while ashes and sparks fly onto our lovely floors. If a built-in chimney is the case in a residence, the solution is a fireplace insert that is fitted for that particular chimney. A burner rests inside the mechanism of each ethanol fireplace, behind a special protective glass.

Technology has made it possible for homeowners to take pleasure in the world of fire. Modern fireplaces are not limited to cold seasons only rather they have become an irresistible part of homes interior décor in line with the fast changing world of home fashion. As a result, various interior design firms push their clients to embrace this modern appeal. Apart from being a source of warmth in the house, modern fireplaces combine technology and the magic of flames to bring fun, style and ambiance into homes and other cozy settings. They are secure and easy to install with a variety of designs to match with your home décor theme. Modern bio-fireplaces are odorless and do not produce ash, amber or irritating smoke.


Why Modern Fireplaces?

A contemporary fireplace provides certain energy to a residence, which brings in the feeling of comfort, peacefulness, and warmth in a unique home. However, installing a traditional fireplace in urban modernity is costly, non-ecofriendly and requires regular maintenance. The old fashioned fireplaces using wood-fire may look cozy in a home environment but in reality, they are uneconomical, inefficient and a source of pollution (smoke, soot, and dust) in our homes. In some instances, traditional fireplaces produce toxic fumes and they are fire hazards unless special safety measures are taken into consideration.

On the other hand, installing a contemporary fireplace is not only easy and progressive but also eco-friendly and cost effective. Imagine the feeling of relaxing with friends over a coffee table with an in-built state of the art fireplace? Modern models such as ethanol fireplaces are particularly easy to set up and secure. They contribute to lower stress of maintenance and don’t even need ventilation ducts. Most of the modern fireplaces are automatic and do not require manual lighting or extinguishing of the fire flames. They are remote controlled and they also come with electronic safety devices which can automatically control and stop the fire in case of malfunction.

Ethanol Fieplace ideas

Modern bio-fireplaces are the latest addition to the unique designs for living room and many other places. They are not only part of a living room appeal but they are also trans-generational objects that create a friendly and warm atmosphere. If you spent part of your life in a home with a fireplace, you may want to recreate the memories and mix them with modernity in your present life. In our opinion, modern vent less fireplaces are one of the ideal home décor objects for blending past and present experiences. You can install a modern ventless fireplace virtually anywhere; in a living room, garden, dining room, guest room or other places. In fact, natural gas fireplaces are a preferred choice by apartment dwellers, house renters, professional offices and many hotels across the world.

With a need to install modern home décors that are not only cost-efficient but also convenient and easily maintained, natural gas fireplaces are rapidly becoming the number one choice for design styled fireplaces. Most of the modern fireplaces have a simple plug-in installation, they are versatile and you can easily regulate the heating to requirement. With today’s technology, you can add value to your home by installing a fireplace with the capability to distribute heating to other places in the house; therefore cutting heating costs.

How to Choose a Modern Fireplace

Whether you want to install a modern fireplace as part of your new decorations or are rebuilding your home with a contemporary fireplace as part of the home makeover, you will be spoilt for choices. Modern fireplaces come in a variety of aesthetics to choose from. Essentials of the choosing process include design, color, safety, longevity, ease of use and cost. Basically, you want a safe décor object that will bring comfort and a posh appeal into your living room without breaking your bank. The new home addition should be impressive to visitors each and every time. Most homeowners love the conversation starters their sleek new fireplaces trigger.

Like with all fireplace systems, take safety as your prime consideration when buying a modern fireplace for your living room or any other place. Most of the modern fireplaces come with electronic sensors that are used for operations such as ignition, refueling, and shutdown. It is also important to choose a product with an automatic control to stop the fire in case something goes wrong. So, choose a modern fireplace with a functional remote controlled hearth for igniting or extinguishing the fire for increased safety.

When it comes to costs and aesthetics, these go hand in hand. The look of the fireplace should blend with your home décor and modernity. You want to choose a modern bio-fireplace that is not overly striking yet it complements the rest of the setting and ambiance requirements. If convenience is what you are looking for, go for a remote controlled modern fireplace with which you can simply create a warm and friendly atmosphere by a press of a button and forget wood burning chimneys which are negatively affecting our environment. If you are going to purchase a wall-mounted fireplace, ensure that the supplier has included all the required accessories such as metal screws to safely mount the fireplace.

Where to Source for Modern Fireplaces

Due to the increasing popularity in contemporary fireplaces, it’s now easier to conveniently order a bio-fireplace online and even request to have it installed. A simple web search can draw numerous modern designs to complement your home’s layout. The best place to source for your modern fireplace is from the designer and/or manufacturer. You will not only have a variety of designs, styles, and colors but you will also cut out the middle-man resellers and save money on your budget. Make sure that the fireplace comes with a valid sales warranty, certification for standards and that the quality meets your requirements.

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